The perfect housing solution for people in transition and hardship


TECHDWELL™ is committed to bringing the dignity of secure, stable, adaptable and affordable housing to those in greatest need.  Whether for use in disaster relief efforts worldwide or alleviating homelessness domestically, the TECHDWELL Axia™ micro-home is the ideal building block for transitioning people safely and securely towards housing stability.


The TECHDWELL Axia™ micro-home assembly can be accomplished in 2 to 4 days. Minimal construction expertise, using basic hand tools. The pre-cast pin foundation system allows assembly in difficult terrain without earth altering site work. The Axia™ meets international building codes for strength and safety.


The TECHDWELL Axia™ micro-home utilizes recycled and recyclable and sustainable building materials. Optional solar pv electrical systems, rainwater collection and gray water reclamation enable units to be independently off-grid. Composting toilets provide for natural human waste management.


The TECHDWELL Axia™ micro-home was deployed to Haiti, built as prototype housing for the Haitian Government and NGOs to evaluate.

TECHDWELL Axia™ micro-homes utilize our exclusive, patented, modular housing system (U.S. Patent 9,145,671).